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The Harbour Rock restaurant – known to the locals as simply The Rock – is situated on the top of the cliff overlooking the bustling Hermanus harbour. This is the ideal setting to take in the breathtaking two-hundred-and-eighty degree sea views across the bay; a view that is surpassed only by the restaurant’s ambience and highly acclaimed menu.

Owner, Francois Barnard, conceived the ingenious idea of building the restaurant on what is one of the most spectacular restaurant sites in South Africa. The building was designed with artful precision by Andrew Greef and was built, in 1997, using stone, steel and timber.

Francois, together with general manager Vaughan van Blerk, and an exceptional team, run a premium restaurant. Acclaimed by locals and tourists alike, this is a restaurant that draws people back to Hermanus time and again.

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harbour rock

Harbour Rock Menu


Seafood Chowder                                          
cream, white wine, fennel, thyme, haddock and linefish
Fried Calamari                                                
tomatoes, olive, chorizo, capers,cucumber
Fish Tartare                                                    
avocado, sesame seed,asian dressing
sweet corn, tomatoes, bacon lardons, pickled radish
Rock Salad                                                
cos lettuce, avocado, red onion, radish, chicken, prawns, wasabi dressing
Harbor Caesar                                            
cos lettuce, biltong, white anchovy, parmesan, croutons
Rare Roast Beef Salad                            
cos lettuce, red onion, avocado, soft boiled egg, parmesan, pink sirloin, mustard dressing


Line Fish                              
fish, tomato dressing, gremolata, tapenade, baby marrow
hake, batter, tare-tare sauce
fried or cajun
Platter for one                  
calamari, prawns, line fish, mussels
Platter for two                    
calamari, prawns, line fish, mussels
House Matured Sirloin    
sirloin, mushrooms, shallots, anchovy butter
Line fish Cocotte              
fish, beans, potatoes, onion, bacon
Pork Belly                        
belly, pear, shallots, carrots, carrot puree
Asian fish Curry              
coconut milk, fish, carrot julienne, ginger, coriander, sesame
Mutton Curry                    
tomato base Indian style curry


Coup Denmark            
vanilla pod ice cream, chocolate sauce, crushed almonds and mint
Global cooling            
selection of two flavored sorbets with fruits
 meringue and strawberries with wiped cream and ice cream
Hot Chocolate Pudding      
choc pudding, choc sauce, almonds and ice cream
Oreo Milkshake                
Feel like a kid again
Fried Camembert        
crumbed camembert, green fig, walnuts
Jan Ellis Pudding            
orange infused baked pudding, home made custard, ice cream
Menu is subject to change due to
availability.Our main kitchens menu is written on black boards and changes as
the seasons do. This menu should give you a good idea of the style
of  food  We produce.